Dealing with a gap in your resume

Long-term gaps on resumes are often considered negative by employers and jobseekers are advised to have a strong reason to justify the same. But with Covid-19 disrupting industries, millions of people have lost their jobs and gaps are expected to be more common. When applying for a new job, here are some steps you can take:

  • Be honest and upfront. If you’ve been furloughed, technically you’re still employed. You can use your cover letter to explain what’s driving your job search.
  • Focus on the skills and learnings you gained while unemployed. Employers are seeking people who are resilient. Show how you’ve utilised the time and can make an impact to the company.
  • Revisit your resume to accommodate for the change in the job market. To increase your chances of landing a job, consider pivoting to an industry where there is demand. For this, make a case for the transferable skills you have.