6 Tips You Should Consider on LinkedIn

1. Post on Linkedin with Purpose.

2. Don’t believe your mind when it says ”there’s no opportunities” here.

While the current climate is difficult there is still so much opportunity on this platform and in general. Keep in mind if you’re watching the news all day you may not try as much.

3. The people out there getting jobs, leads, are no smarter than you. Maybe they learned a better strategy and were more consistent to keep trying.

4. Experiment don’t complain! Many people now are talking about the LinkedIn algorithm and how much it changed. Nobody can control the algorithm so just experiment and tweak for better results.

5. You can meet some people on this platform that can completely change your life and introduce you to potentially important contacts.

6. Consider investing in a long term strategy of the back of LinkedIn like your own podcast or email newsletter.

LinkedIn is a beautiful and powerful platform if you know how to use it properly.

What struggles / issues do you face on LinkedIn? 👇